Orphans Beyond Aid (OBA)

Orphans beyond Aid expands economic opportunities for orphans by providing capacity building, entrepreneurship training and mentorship.OBA equips orphans & care givers with entrepreneurial based vocational training & tools to help turn their new found skills & creative ideas into start-up business ventures.
As a Business Incubator for Orphans, OBA seeks to reduce orphans dependency on mostly seasonal and grossly insufficient aid while creating economic prosperity through income from business and address the social exclusion of orphans from mainstream society through a series of practical skill acquisition classes and entrepreneurship workshops, orphans & caregivers learn how to successfully build strong small businesses, harness the power in their numbers, ensure sustainable income, create job opportunities in their communities, and gain financial knowledge and independence. 

Orphans Lifeline Program (OLP)

Formerly called ‘December to Remember’, it is Africa’s biggest orphanage outreach with a formidable team of 5,000 volunteers, reaching over 20,000 orphans spread across 19 countries. Since 2016, we have been mobilizing resources from kind-hearted donors, donating clothes, books, food & medical supplies, TOES Orphan Lifeline Program helps orphans across Africa access life’s most basic needs.

What inspired this movement?
In 2013, our founder, Olugbenga Ogunbowale visited an orphanage in South West Nigeria & met Ruth, a 10-year-old with battered shoes, a hunger-stricken frame and hair full of ringworm. Ruth shared tooth brush, barely took her bath with soap and hoped from day to day to not go hungry, alongside 50 orphans at the tiny Orphanage. Even though Olugbenga gave a little donation to the orphanage, He was moved by the plight of Ruth and her friends. 3 years later, that encounter inspired Olugbenga & 5 other friends to organize the first outreach in Nigeria, reaching nearly 300 orphans.

Orphans Legal Aid (OLA)

Orphans Legal Aid works with government and civil society organizations to develop and implement policies that protect the rights of the orphaned.
We provide legal aid for deprived and victimised orphans and advocate forincreased access to stipends and educational grants for orphans in orphanage homes, especially those living in deplorable conditions.